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Amanda Conti is a board certified music therapist, with a Bachelor's Degree in Music Therapy from Montclair State University. After completing her clinical internship at Fellowship Senior Living in Basking Ridge, NJ, she attained her Music Therapy Board Certification, as well as an additional certification in Neurologic Music Therapy.

Amanda has gained clinical experience in a wide range of settings including private practice, mental health programs, hospitals, senior living, schools, residential facilities, nonprofit organizations, and more. Amanda has worked with clients in all walks of life, from newborn babies to hospice patients. In 2023, Amanda founded Over The Rainbow Music Therapy LLC.

Amanda has been making music for longer than she can remember. Growing up as a sensitive child, she discovered the piano as a means for self-regulation and expression. At the age of six, she wrote her first song (which was sent to the Julliard School of Music!), and has been writing ever since. Playing music allowed that reserved and anxious young child to blossom into a confident, creative person. When Amanda first learned of music therapy as a teenager, she tirelessly researched the field. She met with any local music therapist that she was able to get in touch with, and volunteered at any opportunity to provide music for those who needed it most. Through all of these experiences, Amanda continues to be reminded of one truth- music is bigger than all of us.

Amanda strives to create a safe space where her clients can feel truly seen, heard, and understood. Her approach to therapy pulls from person-centered, collaborative, strengths-based, and neurodiversity-affirming practices. Whether you prefer making music videos together, recording songs using professional equipment, being guided through a relaxing meditation, writing a song together, playing musical games, exploring new instruments, or having a dance party... Amanda is able to meet you exactly where you're at! Through the evidence-based practice of music therapy, Amanda is able to help clients reach therapeutic goals in creative ways. She aims to create meaningful connections with her clients, while fostering excitement and confidence. She knows first-hand that music is one of the biggest forms of self-expression. She hopes to help everyone find their own voice through music, just like she has.

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