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Music Therapy

To learn about the basics of music therapy, click here. 

Music Therapy Services:

While Music Therapy varies individually from person to person, here are a few examples of experiences within the scope of music therapy.

Instrument Playing

Playing an instrument is a fun and effective way to reach physical goals. Whether it be crossing midline, strengthening weaker parts of the body, or improving gross or fine motor skills (yes-- both!), playing an instrument is a great way to connect the mind and body.

Recording Studio Equipment

Using recording software, microphones, and the instruments of your choice, we can make recordings of your favorite songs! From singing along to a karaoke track, or along with the original artist themselves, the possibilities are endless!

Guided Musical Meditations

Sit back and relax along with a musical meditation, to ease anxiety and stress. Combined with progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery, and breathing exercises- music helps to unlock an even deeper state of relaxation.

Musical Storytelling

Imaginative play is an important part of growing up, and integral part of music therapy. Through the use of favorite books, toys, (and of course our imaginations!), we can go on a musical journey almost anywhere!

Musical Games

From musical bingo or name that tune to promote memory recall in seniors; to freeze dance or other stop-and-go song to increase sustained attention in children, therapy can be fun and playful!

Collaborative Songwriting

From single-word fill-in-the-blank songwriting prompts, to setting poetry to music, to writing a song from scratch- there is a songwriting method for everyone! Songwriting fosters creativity and having a tangible final product creates a sense of pride.

Music Video Production

With the use of both audio and video technology, we can create high-quality music videos to go along with your recordings or favorite songs! Use the green screen to have any background imaginable, like inserting yourself into your favorite TV shows or music videos!

Song Lyric Analysis

Lyric analysis is used to help individuals identify feelings and themes that are relatable to their experiences. This is especially beneficial in trauma processing, mental health treatment, and addiction recovery. 

Musical Improvisation

There is a reason that choirs, drum circles, bands, and all kinds of musical ensembles have been around for centuries-- there is a sense of belonging and connection in making music together!

Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT)

I am certified in Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT). For more info on NMT, click here!

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