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So... How do I get started??

A brief intake process will allow me to get to know you better, so that your music therapy experience can be perfectly tailored to your individual needs!

1. Schedule your FREE Consultation Call.

After filling out the contact form, I will reach out to you for a brief phone call to discuss your interest in music therapy!

2. Initial Assessment and Intake.

Afterwards, we will meet either in-person or via Telehealth for an initial intake. This will be a more in-depth conversation about your specific goals for treatment, as well as your musical preferences, interests, and more!

3. We're all set!

Like many other therapies, music therapy sessions are normally scheduled on a weekly basis, of 45-minute sessions, but this can be tailored to fit each individual. I can provide in-home services for those within Monmouth County NJ and surrounding areas, as well as Telehealth services for individuals outside of the area.

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